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Cell Phone Rental

If you are traveling to the United States and need an affordable solution for making calls and texts within the United States as well as having mobile data capabilities, our cell phone rentals are the perfect solution. You will be charged for the rental period of the handset option you select plus $99.95 for the service plan. The service  is with AT&T, the largest GSM carrier in the United States. You get unlimited calls and texts within the United States and 3GB of 4G speed data.

We offer 3 cell phone rental options, a basic phone which is ideal for users just needing to make and receive calls and the occasional text, a smartphone rental and an iPhone rental. The smartphone and iPhone rentals are an ideal solution for travelers who need data capabilities in addition to being able to call and text.

Reservation Rates:
1 Days$8.00
2 Days$8.00
3 Days$8.00
4 Days$8.00
5 Days$8.00
6 Days$8.00
7 Days$56.00
Add'l Days >14$8.00
Detailed Specifications:
Standard, Deluxe (Android), iPhone
Unlimited US Calls and Texts
3GB of 4G speed data
Phone Number
US Phone Number


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  1. Delivery/Pickup times are between the hours of 8AM and 9PM EST
  2. All request for Deliveries/Pickups outside of the designated delivery/pickup times must be requested by phone.
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