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Most frequent questions and answers

If you cancel your reservation 72 hours or more from the scheduled date of delivery, Big Orange Mobility, Inc. will refund you the entire amount of your reservation costs, minus $15 for credit card transaction fees.  There are no refunds 72 hours or less from the scheduled date of delivery.  However, in the case of cancellation 72 hours or less of the scheduled date of delivery, Big Orange Mobility, Inc. will allow you to postpone your reservation for up to six months from the scheduled date of delivery at no additional costs.

The Rental Insurance will cover you for any accidental damage and/or theft of the scooter.  In the case of theft of any kind, we ask that you report the theft to the park security if at a park venue.  If not at a park venue, we ask that you report the theft to the local police within two hours of the theft.

If rental insurance is not purchased we reserve the right to charge your credit card the full amount for the cost of the scooter.

Yes, Call them or send an email. All theme parks Guest Services are there to help and make your experience an happy one. Guest Services also will easily enable you to find out about special accommodations, for guests with disabilities. There are a number of attractions that have special entrances to facilitate scooter and mobility equipment users and on some rides. Guest Services will be able to advise you on what facilities, rides you can use with your scooter. Whilst in the boarding line, or even onto the ride itself, all the major theme parks are designed to be very user friendly to all guests of all abilities and their staff are very happy to help you with any individual needs you may have. Never be afraid to ASK.

Absolutely, just park your scooter in a safe place, remove the ignition key and keep it with you , rarely does a guest have any issues, but the equipment is the renters liability until returned to Big Orange Mobility Inc. The renter should take steps to ensure the security of the equipment at all times. Always remember where you left the scooter, as many guests do not take note of where they were.

Let us know, immediately, where you are moving to, so we can update your profile information, we will also need to check the collection arrangements with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, as we would not want to delay your departure in any way. If not notified this will incur additional costs.

We offer free delivery, to all hotels, motels, Private Villas and Condo’s within a 10 mile radius of our office. We are Central and based in Kissimmee, Florida. Due to our central location, this means that we are able to offer this service to the vast majority of all reservations. If where you are staying or the delivery address falls outside of our free delivery area, our office will confirm the delivery charge to you, any delivery charge we make, includes collection of the equipment at the end of your rental.
We can leave the scooter, labelled with your name on it, with the Bell Captain, or Concierge, just check with them after your scheduled delivery time and the equipment will be there waiting for you, fully charged, and ready to go. Please refer to our videos on our website showing you how to use and dismantle our scooters.

At the end of your rental, if we are not collecting from you personally, please leave the equipment with the front desk or Bell Captain, as required by your hotelier and we will collect it from there, please do not leave the equipment in your suite, when you check out, if your equipment is not at the correct pick up location, by the contracted time, Big Orange Mobility Inc reserves the right to charge your account for an extra days equipment rental and a collection fee. If your reservation stated a delivery and collection from a private Villa or Condo, then Big Orange mobility requires you to provide us with the full address including the zip code of the property and gate code if applicable. We also require you to be present for both the delivery and collection, should you need to reschedule the delivery or collection of your equipment, please contact us immediately, to avoid incurring additional charges.

Big Orange Mobility is unable to offer delivery or collection to or from any Airports.

You have selected the most suitable equipment and make sure you are aware of any accessories that are available to rent to make your vacation even more pleasurable. A: That will depend on the scooter you rent and the amount of miles you ride, an average guest covers around 6 miles in a day. They will easily manage an average days usage. Please charge the batteries fully the night before. Then you will be ready the next day to hit those parks, shopping malls, beaches and many more places of interest. There is also another option and that is to charge when out and about. Take the charger with you. When stopping for lunch or when the scooter is not in use, give your battery that extra charge to go even further. The beauty is that you can charge the battery(s) while the battery(s) is still in the scooter, or you can remove the battery(s) from the scooter, charge them in your suite, vacation home and leave the scooter in the trunk of your car. Remember your weight will directly affect the charge life and durability of the batteries, so it is important to list the riders’ weight correctly when making your reservation and on your reservations profile. Please give accurate and as much information as possible, as to your planned usage for the vehicle, so we can make sure.

We offer the most popular type of scooters and one that is unique and new to the USA Market, The Triaxe Scooter. Most of our products are manufactured by Pride Mobility. What this means to you is that everything complies with Disney Parks and Water parks also with Universal Studios requirements and guidelines. This is very important to you when making your reservation. We also advise for your comfort and safety and protection from any damage to the scooter and to preserve battery life . You make your choice based on the weight of the heaviest rider to give you a full days usage. Again before making your choice refer to our reservation page for full specifications on all of our equipment.

Yes, most of our scooters can be easily disassembled into light weight components, all wheel chairs and strollers fold up. The new Triaxe scooter just folds down into one piece and can be pulled like a suitcase using its handle. The Triaxe fits into most vehicles, even most compacts. The size of the scooter will determine the size of the vehicle you need to transport it. Most of our other scooters fit into Mid size cars, like the Sedan, Van or SUV. If you are renting one of our larger scooters, like the Victory, then you will need to rent a FULL SIZE Vehicle. Convertible’s or vehicles with very small or limited trunk space are not advisable. If renting other mobility equipment, to be on the safe side, always advise your rental company or taxi that is transporting you of the following:

  • Number of passengers
  • Number of suitcases/bags
  • What mobility products you have or equipment

This will help determine the size of vehicle to most suit your needs.

Big Orange Mobility Inc. We accept most major credit/ debit cards & pay pal. You have the option to either go on line to our website 24 hours a day. You can also choose to pay via telephone, during office hours.

Reservations can also be made in advance.